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Laptop & PC Software Servicing

S.K. IT Services now offers full software servicing to all makes and models of laptops and PC's. Over time, a laptop or PC requires a software service for it to run smoothly and as fast as the day you purchased it.

Laptops and PC's slow down over time for a multitude of reasons and some of these reasons include:

  • Outdated Windows Drivers
  • Outdated Windows Core Files
  • Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and/or Ad-ware
  • Clutter, spam and old files/folders.
  • Outdated Software
  • Incorrect/bad Software Setup

We will come to your premises (business or home), do a full software service on the laptop or PC and guarantee a minimum of 20-50% performance increase or no charge. Special rates apply for more than one machine and if you are a school, we can work out an extra special deal for you.

For anything IT related, give us a call anytime (including weekends) on 0827780503 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it